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  • Digital Art

    Digital Art

    Artworks and fanarts made with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator using a Wacom Intuos Board.

    From left to right
    Artwork 1: Fanart V-13 from the videogame Blazblue by Arc System Works
    Artwork 2: Fanart from the videogame Ôkami by Clover Studio (Capcom)
    Artwork 3: Postcard Bucket Boy original artwork by vinny-vieh

    More digital artworks on deviantart and on my facebook page.

  • Traditional

    Traditional Art

    Artworks I made with pencils, watercolors, copic marker and others.

    From left to right:

    Artwork 1: Super Metroid (Nintendo) Tribute with water colors and marker, DIN A4
    Artwork 2: Wrex from Mass Effect (Bioware/EA) with water colors, crayon and copic markers, DIN A4
    Artwork 3: Day after Tentacle original artwork by vinny-vieh with marker, water colors and crayon, inspired by Quake, DIN A4

    More traditional artworks on deviantart and on my facebook page.

  • Comic Project

    My first comic project: "Carrier of the Mask".

    Genre: Fantasy, Martial Arts, Drama

    "Listen to the song of the first Carrier of the Mask. He was a man without a face. His name and his past are a lost tale.
    All he left behind is this melody. A melody that reaches the hearts of the poeple. Listen carefully. This song is for you."

    Man without face – A man without identity wearing a mask with unknown power and unable to speak, accompanied by the guitar god.
    Sword without blade – A refugee without arms but with a strong will, in search of the man with the mask.
    Bird without wings – A young girl, sold to a House of Pleasure, seeks for freedom and hopes to be saved by the mask.

    Read the first chapter online.

  • Art Cards, Edition & Originals

    [EN] Art Cards, Editions & Originals
    These cards are from artist for artist or interested collectors. The measure is 2-1/2" x 3-1/2".

    [DE] KAKAO KartenKunst, Auflagen und Originale
    Mehr Infos findet ihr auf der deutschsprachigen Plattform kakao-karten.de.
    Gerne könnt ihr mich dort anschreiben, wenn ihr Karten tauschen oder erwerben wollt.
    Mein Benutzername ist vinny-vieh.

  • Illustrations

    [EN] Illustrations for clubs and commercial use

    Contact me directly if you are interested to purchase or to commission an illustration.
    Registered association will get a discount.
    *The illustrated Zombie Mario was not created to be used for commercial purpose (he is just looking for Koopa-brainz).

    [DE] Illustrationen für Vereine und kommerzielle Anwendungen

    Kontaktieren Sie mich direkt, wenn Sie Interesse haben eine Illustration zu erwerben oder eine in Auftrag zu geben.
    Eingetragene Vereine erhalten Vergünstigungen.
    *Das abgebildete Zombie Mario Motiv ist nicht für kommerzielle Zwecke zu gebrauchen.

  • Interactive Art and Media

    Interactive concepts for apps, video games and installations.

    My first experience with Unity3D. Calamitas is an oldschool space shooter. Collect nuclear waste and destroy asteroids to get a highscore.
    The game is still in process. You can watch the first gameplay video on youtube.

    iOS App concept for eco-conscious cyclists.
    Have experienced how much CO2 and fuel you save by riding a bicycle. Collect titles and trophies
    and show your friends that you're a "Smart biker".

  • Logos

    Logo and Brand Design

    Miscellaneous logo designs I created for contests, comissions and for my projects.

    Logo 1: vulkano
    Fictional sportswear logo for "strong" people (who want to lose some weight).

    Logo 2: Maido no Kisetsu
    Logo for a maid café at the german Anime/Manga convention "Hanami" in Ludwigshafen.

    Logo 3: Carrier of the Mask
    Logo for my Comic Project.

    Logo 4: Bucket Boy
    Logo for my fictional character Bucket Boy.

  • Photography


    Photo series made with a Nikon D80 Camera and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

    Photography 1: VANITAS Reloaded
    A photo series about caducity and fragility with modern elements.

    Photography 2: PLATURA
    The ironic beauty of plastic.

    More photography on deviantart.
  • Print

    Print Product

    Diverse print products from booklet, textiles, CD and DVD covers, flyers, high-res banner and much more!

    Contact me directly if you are interested to commission a print product. As a trained media designer I have a tremendous amount
    of experience and expertise in prepress. A good design and an appealing layout is not everything you need to create high-quality print products.
    Equally important is the mastery of many technical basics in prepress.
    I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
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